Friday, August 10, 2012


This is a suggestion I present to every hopeful lady that expects to get married here at this crazy and wonderful place as SL.  Sensual, elegant and angelic, all at once, this mix was created to represent the dream of every groom.

The beautiful set of CWS is matched with a handcrafted laced extra long veil by Destiny Designs, that gives a very special and dramatic allure to the attire.

“Gymnastics” in blonde is the hairstyle created by Dr. Life, perfect to receive the crown, and chosen to give power and a unique appeal to the gown.

The Posesive Queen jewellery set, by Alienbear, is the regal touch to enhance the decollet√©e, providing to the eyes a very classy final effect.  These jewels are really astounding and will fulfill every bride’s dream, with its unique crown.

To match Alienbear’s pieces, I chose the Imperial Concubine bracelets by Dahlinks.

Since in my country it is winter, I added white ermine cuffs to keep the shoulders warm.  These cuffs were found at Oxy’sDress and are called Winter Fantasy.

Shoes are the perfect Blossom white sandals by Patulas House, the best choice to walk elegantly and be trendy.

My nails received a special treatment with Leverocci polish.  Since it is mesh, it will never float outside of my hands, even if I am wearing the most bizarre poses!

Please sent to this blog your opinion... you will get a gift from me right away.
Hugs and good luck!


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Ascensions Trueblood said...

Great Gown I will definitely keep this in mind if I ever get married in