Sunday, February 19, 2012


She takes the sleek and the chic to a whole new level.
She shows us a new world of styling fun.
She gives us a stunning array of colourful gems -- gems of technical tips about modeling.
She makes us climb out of the dark ages and immerse ourselves in the brilliance of CWS's ultramodern facilities.
She thinks "too much trouble", "too expensive", or "who will know the difference" are death knells for good teaching.
She is a jewel in its right.
She is... Anrol Anthony.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Only correct. Do you agree?

The short filmography of David Fincher includes some of the most intense and sophisticated movies launched between the end of last century and the beginning of this one. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is this director's ninth feature film and is an eloquent testimony of his maturity and full command of the technical issues. This is Fincher's first film after The Social Network and is a new version of a Swedish trilogy based on stories written by Stieg Larsson. Compared to the European version, Fincher's adaptation leaves behind the exaggerations of the original plot and brings to scene something pretty more plausible and frightening. The actors -- Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara -- are as convincing as the soundtrack, both fitting the heavy rythm of Fincher's productions. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo confirms Fincher as a formidable storyteller; however... it isn't daring. No doubt the film does justice to its creator, but it doesn't reach the magnificence of its predecessors.


Wow... this is so funny. My photographer and dear friend Hermes Kondor prepared this surprise for me. I laughed to bits and ran to my blog just to show it to you. Love and kisses to you, my dear Hermes!

That veil in a mesquita stirs the queen's patience

A long ago someone related to the royal house of Orange & Nassau put the political-religious cauldron to boil because of some squabbles. Since then the war between protestants and catholics grew and involved also Spain, England, Scotland and Ireland. Queen Beatrix never said anything about that, and couldnt anyways, cause kings and queens of any country are not allowed to discuss political questions. However, during her visit to Abu Dhabi and Oman, she respected the local habits: she wore a long black cloak over her clothes and a veil on top of her (mandatory) royal hat. Queen Elizabeth of England had done the same thing, but nobody claimed she was "legalizing the women's oppression". In Holland, however, Geert Wilders who mixes libertarian ideas with acid critics to Muslim religion, decided to make a song and dance about it. Angry, the queen said that Wilders' reprehension was "pure rubbish". However, Wilders has not the monopoly of nonsense: reviewers of the left (the left, mind you!) like to attack him because he is a mestizo... a crossbred, grandson of a jewish lady from Indonesia, formerly a Dutch colony. Go figure.

Debbie's class

She wants us to have a Touch of Class... no pun intended, lol. So my choice was Chanel, but my friends took an unexpected new path and we ended up choosing Alexander McQueen... who is equally classy. So my friends and I are preparing those McQueen outfits, but anyways I make a point of showing here this wonderful unforgettable lady, Coco Chanel, in one of her amazing outfits. Enjoy!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Let's be edgy?

Well... what would be an Edgy Style? Tough question, isn't it. To me, edgy implies rebellion, unexpectedness, a little aggressiveness, perhaps a little red. So I tried to mix those ingredients and came to that outfit. See if you agree with me!

The outfit has a great flow and many folders in red and black, which makes it appealing to the eye, since it is an explosive combination of colors. The skirt is short, in red satin folded in layers that remind the poppy flower. The top is made in soft black leather, embroidered with turquoise beads, as well as the half-gloves that end in jewelry near the wrists. Pay special attention to the pants with garters, made with enticing black lace: it is always hinting but never revealing. The metallic red boots are topped with dark-green socks that match the turquoise beans. On the head, I am wearing an attire that is at once delicate and aggressive, made of onyx beads and lace, with a very fine veil covering my face.

Headdress: Eshi Otawara, Black Gems are Forever
Boots: Eshi Otawara, Red Angel
Shirt and Skirt: Eshi Otawara, Opium
Pants: Glogulite, Vita's Boudoir
Garters: Cancan, Vita's Boudoir
Jewelry: Dahlinks, Imperial Concubine
Hair: Sonatta Morales, Lotte